Order Queues

Order queues are used by high volume dispenaries to help manage customer flow in their physical store.

Enabling Queues

To turn on order queues go to Store in the sidebar and click on Settings, scroll down Order Queues:

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Once enabled you'll be able to add queues. When new orders are placed by customers or manually entered, Dispense will automatically assign the order to a queue based on the order you have configured here.

For example, with the above configuration, at the start of the day, when the first orders comes in Dispense will assign the order to "Bay 1". When the second order comes in Dispense will assign the order to "Bay 2", and so on.

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Managing Orders with Queues

Budtenders that are assigned to take orders at specific queue can enable filtering in the Manage tab so they only see orders assigned to their queue:

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