With our Alleaves integration, you can automatically sync all of your Alleaves inventory directly into Dispense. Any orders placed through Dispense will automatically sync to Alleaves.

Turning on the integration

To turn on the Alleaves integration click on the Store tab in the sidebar and go to Alleaves:

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Inventory Syncing

Dispense will pull inventory from Alleaves every 10 minutes. Any new inventory in Alleaves will be created in Dispense. Any existing inventory will be updated.

Order Flow

When a customer places an order on Dispense the order will first go into pending status, or it will autmatically be confirmed if you have this option enabled in your store settings.

Once an order is confirmed Dispense will push the order to Alleaves.

As you complete and close out orders in Alleaves Dispense will automatically close out orders in Dispense.

Updated 26 Aug 2021
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