Dispense supports banners across Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. For custom banners, stores will need to upload three different sized banners:

  • Desktop: 1300 x 430 pixels in size
  • Tablet: 800 x 360 pixels in size
  • Phone: 490 x 260 pixels in size

To view/add Banners, first go to your store's menu and select banners.

Document image

From this screen you can:

  • Rearrange the banners in any order you want them to appear on your menu.
  • Toggle the banners off and on to hide them from your menu without deleting them.
  • Click the + to Add a Banner - From this screen you can also create a destination link to choose where you want the customer to go when selecting a banner. Look at Add a Banner for more information and a video walkthrough!

Updated 17 Jun 2022
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