The Dispense integration with Aeropay allows dispensaries to accept contactless payments in-store, through online pickup, and cashless delivery. With no hardware needed or apps to download, customers simply scan a QR code, link to their bank and pay. Grow online orders with buy online pick up in-store shopping, increase customer satisfaction, and drive traffic to your dispensary's door.


Get your Aeropay credentials

  1. Obtain your Merchant Id and Location Id
  2. Contact Aeropay if you do not have this information.

Enter the ID's into Dispense

  1. Go to Store > Integrations > Aeropay
  2. Enable the integration, enter in your Merchant Id and Location Id, hit Save.
  3. Go to Store > Settings > Order Settings
  4. Enable Aeropay for each order type you would like to accept this payment method
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