With our BLAZE integration, you can automatically sync all of your BLAZE inventory directly into Dispense and automatically push online orders from Dispense to BLAZE.

Get BLAZE credentials

  1. Go to your BLAZE portal
  2. Navigate to Company Settings > Developer Keys
  3. Choose the Shop Name that you're setting up
  4. Give the key a name
  5. Toggle ON 'Status', 'Expose Sales', and 'Expose Members'
  6. Click Save
  7. BLAZE will then generate your key. Copy it.
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Enable the integration in Dispense

  1. Navigate to Store > Integrations
  2. Click on BLAZE
  3. Enable the integration toggle
  4. Input your key from BLAZE

Syncing Orders

Turn on the Sync Orders toggle if you'd like Dispense to automatically push new orders into BLAZE when they are confirmed.

Syncing Products/Inventory

Turning on this integration will trigger Dispense to automatically sync with BLAZE every 10 minutes.

You can also manually trigger a sync by going to Menu > Products and clicking Sync?

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Cannabis Type

BLAZE allows you to setup your own custom types. To take full advantage of the BLAZE/Dispense integration, we suggest you create the following types. They must appear in BLAZE exactly as written. These will map over to Dispense if you have Cannabis Type enabled to sync.

Sativa, Indica, CBD, Indica-Dominant, Sativa-Dominant


When enabled, Dispense will automatically sync over your terpenes from BLAZE. Dispense supports the following terpenes from BLAZE:

Alpha Pinene
Beta Caryophyllene
Beta Myrcene
Beta Pinene
Caryophyllene Oxide

Inventory Mapping

When products are synced from BLAZE, Dispense will pull over all of the fields that your location has setup to sync and Dispense will map each product to a certain category. To customize which fields sync and how products are mapped, see POS Settings.