Time Slots

How to set up

  1. Navigate to store settings > Orders
  2. Require pick up times
  3. Set your time slot shut off
  4. Save
  5. Select edit times

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Manage Time Slots


Add a time slot

  1. Click the + in the top right corner
  2. Choose your start time and your end time for the time slot
  3. Define how many orders you want to accept for the time slot
  4. Choose your frequency (once or weekly)
  5. If weekly, define what days you want this time slot to appear
  6. Select Save
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Delete a time slot

  1. Select the time slot
  2. Choose more options
  3. Select Delete
    1. Delete and Break Link (Deletes only that days time slot)
    2. Delete and Apply to All (Deletes this time slot across all days)

Edit a time slot

  1. Select the time slot
  2. Edit any one of the three fields
    1. Start time
    2. End time
    3. Quantity

First time set up

If you would like your time slots set up for you, please reach out to our support team (support@dispenseapp.com) to generate these time slots for you.