Order Management

Managing orders is done through the Manage > Orders section of the app. Configure your Order Settings.

Order Filtering

You can filter the order list to your needs by using the filters on the Orders tab. Some use cases:

  • Hide completed or closed orders
  • Show only orders for a specific type: e.g. Show only Drive Through orders for those managing the window)
  • Filter by Product SKU: e.g. if you're moving to a next batch and you need to find that one product, you can figure out which order it's in.

Dispense supports different types of orders:

  • Pre Orders aka Online Orders
    • In-store
    • Curbside
    • Drive Through
    • Delivery options

Managing Orders

Editing an Order
Managing orders via the Mobile App

If you have Cloud Printing enabled and Auto Confirmed turned on, all new orders will automatically print.

To manually print orders see Manual Print.