Staff Permissions

Below is an overview of the current permissions offered in Dispense.

When configuring roles, it's crucial to define the permissions associated with each one.

Tailor permissions for each role. For instructions on adding, modifying, or removing staff, refer to the 'Staff' section.

Organization Level Permissions

  • Write Organization: Edit Org
  • Manage Staff: Add and edit staff. Assign roles.
  • Manage Customers: Add and edit CRM profiles. Access and respond to chat messages
  • Manage Offers: Create and edit offers
  • Merge Customers: Merge CRM profiles
  • Export Customers: Export CRM
  • Manage organization API keys
  • Read Roles
  • Write Roles: Create new roles for your organization
  • Delete Roles: Delete an existing role

Store Level Permissions

  • Write store: Edit store
  • Delete products: Bulk delete products
  • Read orders: View-only orders
  • Write orders: Add and edit orders
  • Check in orders: Check orders in
  • View analytics: View store analytics
  • Manage product catalog: Enable and disable Dispense's product catalog