Dispense's integration with Leafly allows you to seamlessly publish your live Dispense menu to Leafly. Any edits made to your menu will appear in Leafly in real time. Leafly is the a trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 100 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses. 


Obtain your Leafly credentials

  1. When connecting Leafly to Dispense, you will be able to create a 'Menu Integration Key'
  2. Copy the key in Leafly

Enter credentials into Dispense

  1. Go to Store > Integrations > Leafly

  2. Toggle to enable the integration
  3. Enter in your Menu Integration Key
  4. Click Save
  5. Select the more menu (...), and click 'Sync Menu'. This will start the sync of your Dispense menu to Leafly and may take up to 10 minutes to complete.


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