The Dispense integration with KindTap allows you to accept digital credit and debit payments. Customers can Pay Now through a seamless bank account connection or Pay Later with a revolving line of credit. There are no physical cards and customers access KindTap through a mobile app. More payment options = more happy customers.




Get your KindTap Credentials

  1. Reach out to KindTap if you don't already have your merchant ID.


Enter the merchant ID into Dispense

  1. Go to Store > Integrations > KindTap
  2. Enable the integration, enter in your Merchant ID
  3. If you will be charging customers a processing fee for credit or ACH transactions, enable them and input the value into each field. Dispense supports both flat and percentage based fees.
  4. Go to Store > Settings > Order Settings
  5. Enable KindTap for each order type you would like to accept this payment method



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