With our Treez integration, you can automatically sync all of your Treez inventory directly into Dispense and push orders to Treez.

Get Treez credentials

You will need to get the API Key and Dispensary Name 

For more information on how to obtain your credentials, visit Treez Support Docs.

Enable the integration in Dispense

  1. Navigate to Store > Integrations
  2. Click on Treez
  3. Enable the integration toggle
  4. Enter in your API Key and Dispensary Name.
  5. BETA: Try enabling Sync Total, this will override totals in Dispense with the total from Treez. Please note this feature is currently in beta. 
  6. Click Save
  7. Select the specific locations to pull product from within Treez. Click Save.


Once you have successfully enabled your Treez integration, your first sync will occur within 10 minutes.

Syncing Orders

Turn on the Sync Orders toggle if you'd like Dispense to automatically push new orders into Treez when they are confirmed.

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Syncing Products/Inventory

Turning on this integration will trigger Dispense to automatically sync with Treez every 10 minutes.

You can also manually trigger a sync by going to Menu > Products and clicking Sync?

When products are synced from Treez, Dispense will pull over all of the fields that your location has setup to sync and Dispense will map each product to a certain category. To customize which fields sync and how products are mapped, see POS Settings.


Dispense supports the following terpenes from Treez. These will map over to Dispense if you have terpenes enabled to sync.
Alpha Pinene
Beta Caryophyllene
Beta Myrcene
Beta Pinene
Caryophyllene Oxide


Kiosk orders are not appearing in Treez POS?

  • Dispense sends kiosk orders to Treez using an order_type of EXPRESS. If you are not seeing express orders in your fulfillment portal, go to: Configuration > Config Page > eCommerce > Saved Sales Fulfillment and enable EXPRESS. 

What do I do if weights aren't appearing correctly for infused products? 

  • MG based weights are pulled from total_mg_thc field in Treez. 

Why are my labs showing up incorrectly? 

  • Labs are pulled in directly from Treez. However they appear in Treez, is how they will appear in Dispense. We generally recommend that the labs are reported per container and not per serving. For example, if your edible has 10mg of THC per serving but the entire container of edibles contains 100mg of THC, we recommend that the labs reflect 100mg. 
  • Dispense will then use the THCtotal conversion to convert THCa to THC. We also use the same conversion to convert CBDa to CBD. For more information,check out this great article from High Times. THCtotal = (%THCa) x 0.877 + (%THC)

Products are not appearing on my menu even though I have one or two left in stock!

  • Most of the time, this item is not appearing on your menu because the last one or two available are in an open order. We hold pre ordered inventory to prevent overselling. Ensure the orders are closed out when completed to ensure any inventory available is accurately displayed on the menu. 

Medical Stores

If you are a medical store and would like to utilize our Kiosk functionality, please be sure to enable  Require Medical IDat checkout.

  1. Navigate to store > settings > kiosk
  2. In kiosk, enable Require Medical IDat checkout
  3. Save