Publish your menu to Weedmaps through Dispense while also enabling orders integration in one easy step. With menu integration, Dispense will update your Weedmaps menu in real time. With orders integration, orders placed in Weedmaps will flow into Dispense allowing you to use Dispense for all of your ordering needs.


In Weedmaps

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the Menu link
  3. Click on the POS Integration button
  4. Choose Dispense from the POS dropdown
  5. Save
  6. Copy your Weedmaps ID number located at the top of the Menu tab

In Dispense

  1. Store > Integrations > Weedmaps
  2. Enable the integration, input your Weedmaps ID number, select save
  3. Select the three dots next to save and select 'Sync All Products'
  4. Products will begin to sync to Weedmaps. This process can take up to 10 minutes.

Enable Orders

  1. Reach out to help@weedmaps.com to enable orders integration with Dispense using the following template

Hello, I would like to enable our Dispense x Weedmaps orders integration. We have provided the necessary information below: [insert the WMID of WM listing support needs to integrate]



Menu Integration

Once you set up the menu integration using the steps above, products will begin to flow to Weedmaps. This process may take up to 10 minutes to sync over all data. After the initial sync, when you make changes to your products within Dispense, you should see these updates be reflected in Weedmaps immediately.

Orders Integration

Use Dispense for all of your order management. Through our orders integration with Weedmaps, when orders are placed on your Weedmaps menu, the orders will automatically flow from Weedmaps into Dispense. These orders will be tagged as Weedmaps. From Dispense, they will also flow directly into your integrated point of sale!

Within your Dispense menu dashboard, you can filter out by source. This will show you all orders that were received through Weedmaps. Once the order is ready to be picked up, ensure to flag it as 'Ready for Pickup' in Dispense. This will trigger Weedmaps to send a text message to the customer notifying them that there order is ready for pickup.

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