Manage Products

Adding a Product

  1. Navigate to Menu > Products
  2. Click the plus button (+) in the upper right
  3. Add your product details (outlined below) and Save

Certain fields may be disabled in Dispense. These are fields that you should set in your POS. You can update which fields are overwritten, see 'POS Undateable Fields' in POS Settings.


Product Field





We recommend an image size of 500 x 750 pixels


Show or hide items on your menu.


Keep it short and consistent.


Make sure your brand names are consistent, so that they show up grouped correctly on your menu.


Choose from Dispense's hard-coded categories.

Your selection will dynamically change what fields appear on the UI.

Sub Category

Within a category, you may want to also separate products by Sub Category (i.e. Flower may have subcategories of Popcorn and Shake).


This is a great place to give your users details about the product and incorporate keywords for SEO.


Product Identifier





Quantity in stock, usually pulled from your POS


Enter your product weight in grams, mg, or ounces.

Does not show for Category = Accessories

Quantity Threshold

Quantity thresholds on products allow you to disable products when they hit a certain quantity, see more Product Quantity Thresholds

Max Per Customer

Limit the amount of products that one customer can purchase.


Put products on sale.

Flower Equivalent in Grams

This is used for compliance reasons to enable purchase limits for certain states. This field will show for non-flower cannabis products.





See Terpenes




Toggle to set as 'Featured', and create a custom category filtered on 'Featured' to show on your menu.


Toggle to set as 'New', which will appear as a 'New' tag on the product on your menu.


Set your product effects (up to 3). See Effects for more info.

POS Product

You can use this to match up your products from Dispense to your POS.


Editing a product

  1. Navigate to Menu > Products
  2. Find and select the product you'd like to edit to open the product details panel
  3. Make your changes and Save

To update multiple products at once, see Bulk Update.

Group Products

Maybe you want to group flower together that have different weights, or maybe you want to group your different-sized hoodies together, see: Product Groupings.

Deleting a Product

  1. Navigate to Menu > Products
  2. Find and select the product you'd like to delete to open the product details panel
  3. Click on the more (...) in the upper right
  4. Delete

Product Menu Score

The Score for each product is calculated based on how much data is input or pulled from your POS. To get a "5 out of 5" you must have all the following fields filled in:

For Cannabis products (Flower, Pre Roll, Vaporizer, Concentrate, Edible, Topical, Tincture, Beverage):

  • Name
  • Description
  • Image
  • Cannabis Type (Sativa, Indica, etc.)
  • Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.)
  • Effects

For Non-Cannabis products (Accessories, Merchandise):

  • Name
  • Description
  • Image