Add a Banner

  1. Navigate to Menu > Banners
  2. Click the Add (+) button
  3. Select a Destination Link (see instructions and video below)
  4. Upload 3 images (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  5. Save

Banner Sizes

Banners will need to be uploaded in three different sizes to support mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.

  • Desktop: 1300 x 430 pixels
  • Tablet: 800 x 360 pixels
  • Phone: 490 x 260 pixels

Most purchases happen via phone, so we recommend optimizing for this breakpoint.

Destination Links

Destination Links allow you to choose which section of your menu the customer will navigate to after clicking on a banner.

Select from:

  • Default (All Categories)
  • Specific Category and/or Brand
  • Specific Deal
  • All Deals