Create Custom Category

Add a Category

  1. Navigate to Manu > Categories
  2. Click the add plus button in the upper right
  3. Give your category a name, description (optional), and add products to it - see instructions below.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Drag and Drop your new category to right spot in the list.

Adding Products to a Category

There are 2 ways to add products to a category: Using a filter or manually adding them one-by-one.

Add Products via Filter

To filter by one of Dispense's preset filters, select "Filter by brand, category, discounts etc..." then select one of the preset filters.


  • Category Name = 'Energetic Flower' with the filters Category = Flower, Cannabis Type = Sativa
  • Category Name = 'Ozone Vapes' with the filters Category = Vaporizers, Brand = Ozone

Product Sort within a Filtered Category

Select how you would like to sort your filtered items: Alphabetically, Top Sellers, Top Rated.

Pinning Products within a Filtered Category

You also have the option of pinning items to be featured at the beginning of your custom category. See Pinning Products.

Document image
Document image

Add Products one-by-one

  1. To create a fully customized category with specific products only, select "Filter by specific menu products".
  2. Select add products.
Filter specific products


3. Search for the products you would like to add.

4. Select the + button on each product you want included.

5. Once you have selected all items, select "Add" in the top right corner.

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6. (Optional) You can further customize this by dragging these items into a specific order.

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