About Deals

Use Dispense deals to set up custom discounts with specific products.

Note: Dispense does not currently support promo (coupon) codes, but will have something soon!

Navigate to Menu > Deals

How do Deals Work?


This is what customers will see while they are shopping. Keep this short, something like "Buy 1, Get 1 Free", "Buy 3, save $30", "BOGO 50%".


You can add an optional description to further explain the deal to customers.


This is where you add your logic (minimum quantity and reward amount) and products.

Note: The reward value will apply to all products in the rule.

Stacking Rules

Deals do not stack with each other. If a customer satisfies multiple deals, you can decide which deal will be applied by changing the order on the deals screen. Which ever deal is first in the list will be applied.

To reorder deals, use the three lines to drag and drop.



Now that we've covered the basics, let's see some Example Deals