Order Settings

Dispense supports dispensaries of all sizes, from small SSO to large MSOs. Use the order setting options to customize how Dispense works for you.

Navigate to Store > Settings > Orders

Order Status


Auto Confirm Orders

By default, new orders will go into the Pending status and will need to be manually Confirmed. If you're using a POS integration (Dutchie POS, Flowhub etc.), orders will only be pushed to your POS once Confirmed.

If you don't want to have to manually confirm every order, enable Auto Confirm Orders, and the orders will skip the Pending status and go directly to Confirmed.

Sub Statuses

You can set your own custom sub statuses for orders. This is useful if you have additional steps that your orders to go through. For example, some dispensaries will use a "Queued" sub status to indicate that an order has been queued before it can be fulfilled.

Default Sub Status

If you use the Sub Status feature, you can also specify a default sub status. Dispense will automatically apply your default to new orders.

Customer Order Notifications

Send Customer Order Email Notifications

By default, Dispense will send customers an email notification when their order is confirmed.

Some U.S. states don't allow these notifications, so you can disable them.

Send Customer Order SMS Notifications

By default, Dispense will send customers an SMS notification when their order is confirmed.

Some U.S. states don't allow these notifications, so you can disable them.

Minimum Age

Set the minimum age that a customer must be in order to place an order here (e.g. 18 or 21).

All orders require a customer to enter their birthday, so Dispense will use this to prevent underage customers from placing an order.

You can also optionally toggle on an Age Gate.

Click-Wrap Terms

If you would like to require your customers to select a box at checkout acknowledging specific terms, you may set a maximum of one up by going to your store settings > orders > Click-Wrap Terms. Toggle this setting on and input the terms into the box.

Purchase Window

Control how many days in advance customers can place orders.

Most dispensaries typically only set this to 1 or 2 days.

After Hours Orderings

Toggle this on if once the store is closed for the day, you want to allow customers to be able to place orders for the next business day. Toggle on show closed message if stores would like customers to see when the store is open next. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 11.13.20 AM.png

Show closed message that displays when enabled. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 11.14.37 AM.png

Reply-To Email Address

Customize which email you want customers to see as the reply-to on order emails that are sent.

Auto Print

If you're using Dispense's cloud printer feature, turn this on to tell Dispense to automatically print orders when they are placed and for what status they will print on. See more information about Printer.


The Order Statuses in Dispense are:

Status  Description

We do not recommend using this status, but you can use it if you want to check the order for whatever reason before Confirming (verify delivery address, check inventory, etc.)

At this status:

  • You can still edit the products in the order.
  • Inventory will still be pulled at this status.
  • Prepayments will still be charged at this status.

At this status:

  • You can no longer edit the products in the order
  • Orders will be pushed to your POS and other integrations (e.g. Onfleet)
  • Order SMS & Email Sent
Checked In

Use this for In Store pickups to let fulfillment know the order ready to be fulfilled.

For Curbside and Drive Through purchases, the customer can tell you when they've arrived and check themselves in.

Ready for Pickup Use this status post-fulfillment to indicate that the order is ready for the customer.
Closed Some POS integrations will automatically Close Out orders in Dispense if they are closed in your POS.
Cancelled Cancelled status can be updated by the customer or you. If a customer cancels the order, the order will automatically populate as "Cancelled" in Dispense. Note that Cancelled orders will only sync with Dispense if it is cancelled through the POS.  

Discount Stacking

Stacking is how discounts and offers are applied together in the cart. Dispense supports three different options: No Stacking, No Double Stacking, and Stacking. This is set in Store Settings > Orders. For more information, seeDiscount Stacking.

Order Type Modal/Popup

When there are multiple Order Types enabled, by default we show a modal to select an order type (and input delivery address if one of the order types is Delivery). You can optionally disable this.

Note: For stores that offer Delivery, we suggest keeping this on as the customer experience may change depending on if they are within a delivery zone or not. Dispense also checks the address against the delivery zones of all other stores within your organization and will redirect a user to the correct store.

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