Dispense supports loyalty programs through our integration partners.

Your customers will need to signup for loyalty through Dispense even if they have an existing account with your loyalty platform. This will not create a new account, but is required to give Dispense permission to pull loyalty points from the loyalty program and allow marketing.

Enable Integration

First, enable your loyalty integration via Springbig or Alpine IQ.

Loyalty Settings

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Loyalty
  2. Toggle Enable
  3. Configure your branding and settings.

Loyalty opt-in header

Customize the name of your program; this could just simply be 'Loyalty' or something more branded like 'Evergreen Best Buds'.

Loyalty opt-in text

Cite your value prop here: What will customers get if they join your loyalty program? Something like "Sign up to earn points with every purchase".

Loyalty Color

Further brand your loyalty program with a custom color. This can be the same as your primary brand color, or something different to make it stand out more.

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Loyalty Customer UX

Customers will be presented with the option to sign up for your loyalty program at checkout.

Once joined, they only need to enter in their phone number and Dispense will automatically pull their loyalty points and show all rewards with selectable rewards enabled (if enough points).

Customers do not need to sign up for an account in order to be part of your loyalty program, they just need to enter in their phone number (which is required at checkout).

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