Chat allows customers to communicate with you via SMS text message.

The chat will appear in the lower right side of your menu as a question mark on web, and as a Help tab on the right of the screen on mobile. If customers exit your menu, no problem - messages will be sent to them via text.

To enable chat

  1. Chat is an add-on, so you'll need to contact us at to enable it.
  2. Go to Store Settings > Chat
  3. Toggle on and now chat will appear on your menu

Managing Chat

You can easily manage your chat from the main screen of Dispense.

When new chats come in, we will show you how many unanswered chats you have in red.

See how to receive Browser Notifications for chat.

Following Chats

You can assign yourself to follow a chat, and see who's following a particular thread, or Auto follow all new chats.

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