If you have in-store kiosks, you can put your tablets/displays into Dispense's kiosk-mode.

This allows for a quicker in-store checkout and has security features so no customer data is shared.

For a more about orders in kiosk mode, see Kiosk Orders.

To Enable

  1. Navigate to Store Settings > Kiosk
  2. Optionally enable additional fields (Medical ID, DOB, Email) if your POS requires any of these fields to process orders.

    This can be used for any POS, but is only required for Alleaves.

  3. Copy the URL
  4. Paste it into the browser of the tablet you want to use for your kiosk.

Kiosk Mode will work on any tablet. For best usage and performance, we recommend using an iPad.


Removing the address bar

You can hide the address bar by entering Full Screen mode. This will only work for one webpage at a time. On Windows, use the F11 key to toggle Full Screen mode. On Mac / iPad, use Command + Control + F. See more instructions.