Delivery Settings

Dispense currently integrates with Onfleet to power delivery. You can configure your delivery zones, delivery time slots, and fees.

Setting up Delivery

Onfleet Integration

First, make sure your integration is enabled, see instructions for Onfleet

Enable Delivery

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Orders > Order Types
  2. Check the box for 'Delivery'.
  3. Save

Delivery Available from Another Store

If your organization does not deliver from a particular store, but you want the customer to be able to check if delivery is available from all other stores in your organization, toggle this on.

Enabling this feature will allow Dispense to check a customer's address for delivery against all store's delivery zones.

Delivery Zones

To set up delivery zones:

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Delivery
  2. Click the button 'Edit Zones'

You will now see the map. We have 2 options for creating delivery zones: Upload a geoJSON file (see Delivery Zones via GeoJSON) or draw zones on the map (instructions below).

Draw Zones on Map

  1. Select the polygon tool ( + ) in the top corner of the map.
  2. Draw your desired zone, then hit enter.
  3. Save
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Delivery Settings

Delivery Fees & Delivery Minimums

Next to each delivery zone, there is an 'Edit' button. Here you can Name the zone, and add Fees or a minimum delivery order amount. These are configurable per zone.

Fees are completely customizable - custom name, amount, taxable or not - and you can set as many as you want per zone.

Delivery time slot shut off time

With this feature, you can do things like stop accepting orders 30m before the start of each delivery window.

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Orders > Delivery Orders
  2. Select Before or After and input the amount of minutes.
  3. Save
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Delivery Terms

Enter optional delivery terms that you want displayed to your customer on the delivery modal.



Delivery Time Slots

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Delivery
  2. Click the button 'Edit Times'
  3. You will see all time slots and will be defaulted to the 'Delivery' tab.
  4. Here you can customize which zones you would like to deliver to during which time slots. Make this as simple or complex as you'd like.

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