In Store Order Settings


Enable In Store Orders

If your location allows customers to place orders that can be picked up in store, enable this option! 

Require pickup times

Choose weather or not your location wants to require customers to select a predefined pickup time when checking out.

Payment Types

Choose which payment types you accept in store so your customers know how to they are able to pay! Reach out to us if you have questions about our prepayment options. 

Time slot shut off

Choose when you would like your time slots to disable on the consumer menu. 


Pick Up QR Codes

If you use pickup times, you can enable this option to also generate a QR code for each customer. Use the Dispense Mobile App to scan and check in customers.

Order Queues

Order queues are used for stores with high volumes to route orders into queues, so when customers arrive at your store, they can be quickly funneled to separate lines. Learn more about Order Queues.

Setting available only for Order Type = In Store.