About Offers

Dispense's offers feature allows stores to set up various types of discounts for their customers.

Offers can be set up by the store and are intended to encourage customers to make larger purchases and drive sales.

Offers lives at the organization level, so you can set up a discount at a single location, multiple locations or all your locations, so you can keep things consistent.


Offer Types

  • Cart discounts: A certain amount is taken off the total purchase price
  • BOGO ('buy one, get one' or 'buy x, get y') deals: Customers can purchase one item and get another at a discounted rate
  • Flat Amount (aka multi-buy or bundle) deals: Customers can purchase multiple items for a flat price
  • Sale (aka product-level discounts): Place products on sale via individual items or via a filter (e.g. All Flower of a specific brand).

Create an Offer

1. Navigate to the Marketing > Offers section of the app.

2. Click the Add (+) button.

3. Fill out your offer details, instructions here: Offer Types.

4. Save.

Offer Stacking

Stacking is how discounts and offers are applied together in the cart. Dispense supports three different options at the store-level: No Stacking, No Double Stacking, and Stacking. This is set in Store Settings > Orders. For more information, see Discount Stacking.

Preview an Offer

To preview an offer you just created, click on the dropdown and select the store for which you want to preview. If you only have 1 store, that will be your only option in the dropdown.


Order of Offers

Offers are redeemed based on the order they are displayed in Marketing. Offer #1 will take priority over offer #2 and so forth.

If you want to ensure that a particular offer has the highest priority and is applied first, you can set that offer above the rest. To move the order of offers, use the arrows next to each offer.

Promo Codes

You can set up a promo code for any offer type. See Promo Codes.

Offer Analytics

You can view how well your offers performed in the redemption column here, for more info see Offer Analytics.

Scheduling Offers

To enable and disable the redemption of an offer automatically, you can set a schedule for it. Scheduling can be used for any offer type.

Custom Offers Icon

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Products
  2. Here you will see icons for categories, and at the bottom, an icon for offers: Upload your custom icon.
  3. Save