Time Slots

Before setting up your time slots, ensure your stores chosen order types are enabled.

First time setup

After you enable your desired order types, you will then be able to set up your default times. Default times are your stores reoccurring time slots.

Setting up your defaults will override all existing time slots for each of your order types. Please ensure you set up all defaults at the same time. For highly personalized time slots, you can still add these in manually.


Access your day settings from the settings gear icon in the header > Pickup/Delivery Times


  1. Select Edit Defaults and navigate to your store's order type
  2. Check the first day of the week your store is open
  3. Enter the Start and End times for the day
  4. Enter in the minutes per time slot and order quantity allotted for each time slot
  5. If hours are the same for the next day, click copy to bring the data to the next day.


Complete the above steps for each order type enabled.


Once you have set up all time slots for each order type, select save.




Add Individual Time Slots 

If you would like more customizable time slots, you can still set these up individually by selecting the plus icon in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Click the + in the top right corner
  2. Date is the start date (defaults to today's date)
  3. Choose your start time and your end time for the time slot
  4. Define how many orders you want to accept for the time slot (quantity)
  5. Choose your frequency (once or weekly)
  6. If weekly, define what days of the week you want this time slot to appear
  7. Until is the end date. Leave this blank if you want it to repeat indefinitely. 
  8. Select Save



Delete individual time slots

  1. Select the time slot
  2. Choose more options
  3. Select Delete and choose:
    • Just Today
    • All Days


Edit individual time slots

  1. Select the time slot
  2. Edit any one of the three fields
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Quantity