Offer Analytics

You can see how well your offers performed by looking at the redemption column on the Offers tab.

We released this feature 2/27/23, only data going forward will show here.

1. Navigate to Marketing > Offers

2. View the Redemption column for each offer you've created.



The number of times this offer has been redeemed.

Discount ($)

The total dollar amount that was discounted from the regular price.

This may vary per order depending on the type of offer. For example, a cart discount of 5% will have different discount amounts per order.

Revenue ($) The revenue associated with just the offer (not total amount of the order).

If the order was cancelled, we will subtract that data from all metrics.



A customer creates a cart with the following items:
  • "BOGO Ozone Eighths" deal for $60
    • Regular price for these items is $80, so discount is $20
  • Vape pen for $40 (no discount)
  • Total: $100

Redemption analytics for the offer "BOGO Ozone Eighths" will show:

  • Count: 1
  • Discount: $20
  • Revenue: $60