Onboarding Checklist

πŸ”” Most Important! Get these done! πŸ””

High Priority: Store and Order settings

Optional settings: Non critical to making menu functional but recommended

  • Order Queues - Do you have an express pick-up or designated pick up areas?
  • QR Code Mobile App - Scan QR codes using our mobile app to expedite order fulfillment
  • Chat - SMS chat with your customers in real-time.
  • Generate Cannabis Effects - Optionally turn on to create effects (e.g. happy, sleep) based on cannabis type (e.g. sativa, indica) for consumers to see.
  • Enable Reviews - Allow customers to leave reviews on your product to boost visibility of unique inventory.
  • Kiosk - Want to add self-service kiosks to your store? Easy, just copy and paste kiosk URL into your tablet or kiosk, no specific hardware required.
  • Menu Notes - Add information about deals, hours or any information that your customers might find helpful. This will show up on your store's menu.
  • Marketing and Loyalty - Be sure to enable so customers can utilize loyalty program at checkout.
  • Offers - Follow the link for videos on how to set up deals and discounts for your store.
  • Sound Browser Notifications - Found in β€œMy Profile” - must be set for each profile
  • Banners - Grab your customers' attention. Remember to set all three sizes for Desktop,Tablet and Phone
  • Custom Category Icons - Further your branding experience