Kiosk Orders

Enable Kiosk Mode

For instructions on how to enable kiosk mode, see Kiosk Settings

Kiosk for stores that are both Med and Rec

If your location has a sister store enabled (one medical and recreational menu), we will now show both options on the kiosk modal. Now stores can use a single kiosk URL for both menus. 




Benefits of Kiosk Mode

Fast checkout than ordering via phone

Less required fields at checkout to keep the line moving

User-driven ordering

Allows the customer to browse the menu and input their own orders. 


After 45 seconds of inactivity, you'll be asked if you are still working on your order. After 15 seconds, the kiosk will time out. 


If kiosk mode times out due to inactivity, or after the customer places their order, it will remove all data from the customers cart, keeping your customer data secure and keeping the dispensary compliant.