Product Catalog

The Dispense product catalog can be used to fill in missing product images and data that's not input into your POS. It contains over 100,000 unique products, and we're always working on adding more.

The product catalog syncs overnight. If you add your menu data or add new products during the day, you will see missing data fill in from the product catalog overnight. Please contact support if this is a blocker.

How it Works

  • Products will feed in from your POS.
  • Dispense will attempt to automatically make a product match when there is missing data. We must get at least these 3 pieces of information from your POS in order to match:
    • Product Name
    • Brand
      • If the Brand name is spelled differently, we will try to find an alias from our Brand DB
    • Category (e.g. Flower)
  • If a match is found, Dispense will fill in any blank information, including image.
    • Dispense will never override a field that contains data.
  • If no match is found, or you want to change the match, you can manually search our catalog.

Enable Product Catalog

  1. Navigate to Store > Settings > Products
  2. Toggle to enable Product Catalog
  3. Save

What if the match was wrong?: Editing product catalog data

You cannot edit the product catalog itself, but you can edit your own menu, or manually find a different match.

Manually matching

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 10.05.44 AM.png

  1. Navigate to Menu > Products
  2. Select the product
  3. At the top of the Details tab, you will see a link to the Product Catalog (only visible if you've enabled the product catalog - see above). Click it.
  4. Search the Product Catalog or use one of the suggestions.
  5. Click the 'Add' button
  6. Save

Editing product data in Dispense

If Dispense has filled in product data that you'd like to edit and you can edit the fields in Dispense:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Products
  2. Select the product
  3. Edit the fields that you'd like to change. Note: Do not leave the edited fields blank. Dispense will never override a field that contains data, but if you leave the field blank and product catalog is enabled, Dispense will fill in that field again with the same data.
  4. Click Save

Editing product data in your POS

If you are not able to edit the fields in Dispense because you have marked these as only editable in your POS (see POS Updateable Fields), you will need to go into your POS to edit the data and that will sync over to Dispense and override any product catalog data.

What if there's no product catalog match?

There are several ways in which Dispense will attempt to fill in missing data. In order:

1. Search Product Catalog (only if enabled), if no match:
2. Search Brands

  • Brand category image, if none:
  • Brand Logo, if no match:

3. Default to category image

  • Dispense will set defaults, you can override with a custom image

Still have missing images or product data?

We do not have every product in the database, but are always working on adding more! Reach out if any of yours are missing.