Dispense customer receipts can be automatically printed or manually printed. To learn more how to set up auto-print, please see our Cloud PRNT setup! 

Receipt information

Our receipts are a standardized format.

  1. Store Location 
  2. Order Type: Pre-order, Kiosk, Delivery, Curbside, Drive Through
  3. Customer information: Name, Phone, Email, State
  4. Date of when the order was placed
  5. Order #
  6. Menu Type: Rec or Med
  7. Pickup Time: The time slot selected for pre-orders.
  8. Payment Type: Cash, Debit, Kindtap, Swifter by Treez, Aeropay, CanPay, Square
  9. Loyalty: If a customer selects a Loyalty redemption, the type of reward chosen will be displayed.
  10. Items: products, quantity, and price
  11. Total breakdown: subtotal, discounts, tax, delivery fee, grand total. 
  12. Time stamp of when the order was printed.


There is no functionality to customize receipts. Receipt notes and adding QR codes to our receipts are currently not a feature.