With our LeafLogix integration, you can automatically sync all of your Leaflogix inventory directly into Dispense.

Turning on the integration

To turn on the Leaflogix integration click on the Store tab in the sidebar and go to Integrations:

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Enter your Leaflogix Api Key, and optionally enter 1 or 2 Room Ids if you have multiple rooms setup in Leaflogix. In a few minutes you'll see your inventory syncing into Dispense on the Products page.

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Syncing Orders

Turn on the Sync Orders toggle if you'd like Dispense to automatically push new orders into Leaflogix when they are confirmed.

Syncing Products/Inventory

Turning on this integration will trigger Dispense to automatically sync with Leaflogix every 10 minutes. Dispense will need to trigger the initial sync.

You can also manually trigger a sync by going to Menu > Products and clicking Sync? link:

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When products are synced from COVA we'll pull over all the fields that your location has setup to sync over from COVA to Dispense. You can find these fields by going to your Product Settings and scroll down to POS Updatedable Fields

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Updated 04 Mar 2022
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