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Dispense supports using printers made by Star Micronics. Using these printers Dispense can automatically print order receipts when you confirm orders in the app.

Supported printers

Currently we support any Star Micronics printer that supports their CloudPrnt protol.

Here's a list of supported printers from Star:

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First, connect your cloud printer to the internet via ethernet connection. You should find the ethernet port on the back of the printer.

Downloading the Star printer app

Download Star's iOS or Android app to change your printer's setting and update it's firmware. Go here to download the app: https://www.star-m.jp/mcprint-app.html Here is the full documentation from Star: https://www.star-m.jp/products/s_print/mcprint3/manual/en/settings/usingApp.htm

Setting up your printer for CloudPrnt

To get started go into the Dispense app and navigate to Store, and then go to Printers.

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Click the plus button to add your printer. Give it a name that matches the room you'll be using your printer from, like Vault. Once you save your printer, you'll see a URL like this:

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You'll need this URL to configure your Star printer's Cloud Prnt settings.

Configuring CloudPrnt on your printer

Using the Star iOS or Android app, go to printer settings:

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Go to Star CloudPRNT settings:

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Next you'll need to login. The default printer username is root and the password is public.

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Next, you'll need to enter the URL from the Dispense app for your new printer here. Hit Apply to save your changes.

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Now your Star printer will start polling the Dispense servers for any printer jobs.

Auto printing

Dispense supports automatically printing orders and you can choose which status you'd like to auto print on. So if your store uses the Auto confirm feature, you can select to auto print when an order is confirmed. That was as soon as orders come in they will print out.

To configure auto printing, go to Store in the sidebar and scroll down to the Order settings and find the Auto print orders toggle and turn it on.

You should now see a drop down to select a status to auto print on as well.

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Updated 19 Apr 2022
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