With our Onfleet integration, you can add delivery to your store on Dispense.

Turning on the integration

To turn on the Onfleet integration click on the Store tab in the sidebar and go to Integrations:

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You'll need to get your API Key from Onfleet. Login into the Onfleet dashboard:

and go to settings:

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Click on the API & Webhooks tab:

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Click the + button and give your api key a name like `Dispense`. Copy the api key value and paste it into Dispense.

Copy the Webhooks Secret value and paste that into Dispense as well.

Save the integration settings in Dispense. Your Onfleet account is now connected to Dispense.

Settings up webhooks

Dispense will need to be notified by Onfleet as tasks are picked up by drivers, completed, failed etc..

You will need to setup the following webhooks in Onfleet:

  • Task Completed
  • Task Failed
  • Task Started
  • Task Updated

Back in the Onfleet settings under API and Webhooks click the + button to add a webhook. Give the webhook the name:

Dispense - Task Completed

For the dropdown "Add a webhook triggered when:" and select Task Completed.

In the field "Push updates to" you'll need to enter the URL that Dispense provides you in your Onfleet integration settings.

Follow these directions for the remaining webhooks events listed above.

Onfleet Teams

Once you are integrated with onfleet, you will then need to assign your store to a team. We will pull available teams from your onfleet account. This will appear on the bottom of your onfleet integration page (See first image). You must select your team whether or not you have a single location or an onfleet enterprise account.

Enabling delivery

Now that the Onfleet integration is connected you can enable the delivery order type in Store > Settings > Orders:

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Delivery zones

Next you'll want to setup your delivery zones. Delivery zones allow you to specify where on a map you want to allow deliveries. To setup your delivery zones go to Store > Settings > Delivery:

You can either upload a custom geoJSON file by selecting "Upload" or you can use our polygon tool to draw out the zones that you want to allow delivery to and hit Save.

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Delivery windows

Next you'll want to setup delivery windows which will allow customers to select from a list of times that you offer delivery. Go to Manage > Settings > Pickup/Delivery windows:

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Updated 10 Feb 2022
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